Cancellation and Refund Policy

Last updated May 5, 2023

Refund and Online Payment Policy

A. By using this site, you understand that all payments processed by WeChartered Consultancy Private Limited are for accounting/legal/Tax/Auditing and other such allied services performed by our company. Our company provides services that are paid for at the completion of said service. In some cases, a retainer or service deposit is required before services are performed.

WeChartered Consultancy Private Limited may issue a requested refund of a payment made via a debit/credit card payment for the following reason:

  • Customer transaction error, such as a payment being made for more than intended.
  • Duplicate payment
  • Service was not performed for which a retainer or service deposit was received.

Refund requests may be made by contacting our office via email or calling +91 1244300563. We suggest you first discuss the situation with the employee with whom you usually deal directly. If the situation is not resolved, then please contact our Accounts Manager or HR Department.

After receipt of a request for a refund, WeChartered Consultancy Private Limited will verify the issue upon which the refund is requested. All refunds, when deemed credible, will be made via bank check/Transfer within 15 days and mailed to the address we have on record.

If you make a fraudulent claim of unauthorized card usage, we will report this to the credit card services or any other such department as may be necessary. This report may result in the cancellation of your card services, put negative information on your credit report, and create possible criminal charges that may be filed against you.

WeChartered Consultancy Private Limited reserves the right to modify this Refund Policy at its discretion, or against any client it believes is abusing this policy. Any such revision or change will be binding and effective immediately after posting the revised Refund Policy on our website. It is the client’s obligation to review our refund policy for any such revisions.

Cancellation Fee

We will be incurring cost and manhours, technology resources, and technical and professional expertise of professionals and technical resources throughout the process such as client briefing, meetings with professionals and experts, use of technology resources, documentation, and guidance, processing and coordination with external service providers, compliance documents preparation filing with regulatory platforms, etc. So, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for every refund request as we are required to incur time and cost from the stage of customer inquiry through the service delivery process, except in cases of duplicate or excess payments, a cancellation fee of 50% of the order value subject to a minimum of Rs.2000/- will be charged for every refund request. In case of duplicate or excess payments, the full amount shall be refunded to the client subject to the deduction of applicable bank charges.

General Terms

External Factors Beyond our Control

WeChartered Consultancy Private Limited cannot guarantee the results or outcome of your particular procedure. For example, government regulatory may reject an application for technical or legal reasons beyond the control WeChartered Consultancy Private Limited. Also, the timelines indicated to you for specific services are based on the average lead time of service delivery based on the past experience of WeChartered Consultancy Private Limited.

The process may take unexpectedly long time due to technical issues or due to technical updates of the process or due to policy/process changes in the regulatory platforms such as,, etc which is beyond the control of WeChartered Consultancy Private Limited. So, WeChartered Consultancy Private Limited does not guarantee the delivery of services within the indicated timelines. A delay in processing the service delivery or rejection of the application process by the regulatory authority cannot be a reason for a refund.

Limited Liability

Under any circumstances, the maximum liability of WeChartered Consultancy Private Limited shall be limited to the fee we received for the services and we will not be liable for any loss or damages that may be incurred or as may be claimed by the customer arising out of no fault of WeChartered Consultancy Private Limited.