Investment Banking

Raising Capital for a business is one of the most difficult tasks. It requires a considerable understanding of the investment strategies and market conditions.

At WEchartered, we envision fostering the growth and success of our clients by delivering strategic Investment Banking solutions to help raise capital for their business, whether it is via private equity or debt. Our investment suggestions are driven by their business goals and market insights to help them source and close transactions. Our team of expert investment bankers and financial advisors are highly experienced and proficient. Their in-depth knowledge & expertise of the industry enables us to serve the ever evolving needs of our clients all around the world.

Our Investment Banking and Private Equity Services include:

  • Conceptualizing and finalizing your business plan: Your business plan is the true reflection of your vision as it defines the long-term and short-term goals of your business. A business plan should be concise, crisp, to the point, and realistic. WEchartered has a team of professionals that can conceptualize and finalize your business plan. Their knowledge, understanding, and valuable inputs will add finesse as well as enhance the appeal of your business plan.
  • Corporate structuring: Corporate structuring has a direct impact on business success and growth. WEchartered works closely with the top-level management and advises the business. We focus on the corporate structuring of your business and provide our valuable suggestions.
  • Business valuation: Estimating the correct value of your business is vital. There are many things that one needs to consider while estimating business valuation. One needs to understand the current market size, the number of players, barriers to entry, future scope, trends, market foresight, and much more. WEchartered assists in business valuation. We aid businesses to optimally set the valuation of the business or investment rounds and fundraisers.
  • Asset's valuation: WEchartered offers asset valuation services to the business. We consider the current assets of the business to set the right valuation.
  • Debt syndications: Debt syndication is complex and requires expertise. WEchartered offers professional debt syndication services to effectively administer and arrange syndicated debts.
  • Private equity placement: Place your private equity strategically with the expert advice and business consultation from WEchartered .
  • Merger and acquisition advisory: Make profitable collaborations and take your business to newer heights with the bespoke and thoughtful Merger and Acquisition advisory from our experts. For expert Investment Banking and Private Equity Services, get in touch now!